[MV] 레이디스 코드(LADIES' CODE) "FEEDBACK (너의 대답은)"

[MV] 레이디스 코드(LADIES' CODE) "FEEDBACK (너의 대답은)"

Ladies' Code returns after 2 years and 7 months with ‘FEEDBACK’!!
The retro queens respond to fans’ requests by returning spectacularly.

‘FEEDBACK’ is a NEWTRO-FUNK genre song– a 2019 reinterpretation of their old songs such as ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Pretty Pretty’, ‘So Wonderful’, ‘KISS KISS’. The bass-line and guitar-riff will captivate your ears throughout the song, along with the witty lyrics about love. Ashley, SoJung, and Zuny’s voices and tones are also each uniquely charming and attractive.

The one and only Ladies' Code’s NEWTRO sound is completed in co-operation of producers 1Take and TAK from New Type ENT, and their amazing synergy with Ladies' Code. This song will be like a great present for those who have been waiting patiently for Ladies' Code.

레이디스 코드 'FEEDBACK (너의 대답은)’ 2년 7개월만에 완전체 컴백!!
레트로 장인들의 화려한 귀환, 팬들의 소환에 대답하다.

레이디스 코드 ‘FEEDBACK (너의 대답은)’은 '나쁜여자’, ‘예뻐 예뻐’, ‘So Wonderful', 'KISS KISS'에서 선보인 레이디스 코드만의 레트로 감성을 재해석한 NEWTRO-FUNK 장르의 곡으로 Intro부터 존재감을 과시하는 Bass-Line과 Guitar-Riff가 귀를 자극하며, 사랑을 대하는 당당하고 재치 넘치는 가사와 애슐리, 소정, 주니가 만들어내는 어택 감 넘치는 보이스가 인상적이다.

또한, 최근 멤버들과 함께 호흡을 맞춰 작업하고 있는 뉴타입이엔티의 프로듀서 원택(1Take), 탁(TAK)이 프로듀싱에 참여해 완전체로 컴백하는 레이디스 코드만의 NEWTRO 사운드를 완성했으며, 오랜 시간 레이디스코드의 밝고 경쾌한 무대를 기다려온 팬들에게 만족스러운 선물이 될 것이다.


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‘Galaxy’ was the first comeback as 3 and they expressed their pain, ‘The Rain’ was then finding their way back, and ‘Feedback’ is finally having the happiness again. I will forever be a lavely and support my girls.

Edit: Didnt expect this many likes pls support the comeback as much as you can! Lavely & Ladies Code FIGHTING!
ladies codes is literally the strongest girl group out there. im ashamed that they are so underrated. they been through so much, and deserve so much more.
Isabelle Hunter
2:48 shows us that they will always remember our angels EunB and RiSe forever 💫🌷🌹
Walter Meadows
OMG 3:38 the caption says “Stan ladies code “ as you should! ☝️
Meanwhile EunB and Rise watchin from behind the camera smiling brightly
To all new Lavelys:
Sojung - Long strawberry blonde hair
Ashely - Short strawberry blonde hair
Zuny - short brown bob
L’C Code!
people need to stop sleeping on ladies code
the funkiest song of 2019. the vocals and visuals of this group are INSANEEEEEEEEEE
noshi amin
They have unique voice.. not a fan but I'm here to supporting them... I hope they will get recognition again. They has their own color of group.
Neil John
I don't care about the charts and achievements, all that matters is that *THEY ARE FINALLY BACK*
urboi leci
ive been a little disappointed in some of the comebacks in 2019 :/ (great b-sides though) but ladies code never disappoints. their song is written, produced, mixed, and performed in top notch quality but didn't get the ..feedback it deserved.
Uehara. Ridea
Ladies Code did it again. They’re so underrated. Their vocals is on par with Mamamoo. Damn good. Ive been following them since their debut days and missing RiSe and EunB. God Bless them both. ❤️
N Blt
They derserve a win. They are such a strong group, vocally and mentally ❤️
Brittany Ross
Like seriously, stop sleeping on ladies code. How does this video NOT have over a million views?
CheChe DeeVee
paying tribute to EunB and RiSe at 2:49 ❤️
this shows that they will always be part of them forever! they must be really proud! 👍😊❤️
Imma call all the Blinks and Rosé's stan here😁 Don't worry Lavelys we will get their first win this time🙋🙌
thank you Rosé to tell your blinks to support my girls❤ they deserve better

they finally come back! I missed U Ladies' Code♡♡
I give U all the love from Argentina
I'm crying..... OMG, the scene at the cinema makes me feel sad, but happy at the same time. So wonderful is one of my favorites song of them. I knew them because of a bad new, but it became a really good one when i started listening their music.
keeping in mind that both lc and loona are like cousin groups, these three girls remind me of the blonde-blonde-brunette oec!

this is my first song from theirs and honestly it's such a good first impression
My queens are back! After 2 years! This year will be theres!!
urboi leci
im not saying this is the most slept on kpop song of 2019 BUT if some people aren’t liking the new trend of ‘noise’ and edm drops kpop songs they should try new groups, instead of forcing themselves to like a song they couldnt the first 50 listens, then yea ladies code is slept on
((this isnt hate to any other groups either ive liked a lot music released in 2019))
Honestly the so wonderful scene broke my heart. This is a beautiful comeback and all you ladies look gorgeous and sound fabulous. Fantastic dancing and stunning expressions. Lavely always. Thank you so much for coming back. You will always be my kpop queens
Viola's World
I've been stanning these girls since I discovered kpop in 2014. They're so talented, and unbelievably underrated. Like y'all really sleeping on talent... smh 🤦‍♀️
Alexandria H
So good to have you back. We missed you so much. After all the hardships you've had to deal with, I wish you all the success and happiness in the world. Stay safe, love always from the UK 🇬🇧 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Wow, I know EunB and Rise will be happy for them.
Wallace Farias

Ashley Summer Queen and Leader 0:09.
Zuny Maknae Star 0:14.
Sojung Spring Goddess Main Vocal 0:20
anne marie
orbit here to support our talented sort-of-labelmates ! found out about this amazing group through sojung's better than me (beautiful song with a beautiful hyunjin in the mv) and i am just floored by the consistent QUALITY of their music and concepts .. love love love ladies code, they've really become one of my favorite groups !
x x
Sleep on pillows not Ladies‘ Code
ailem 2707
I love the vibe!! So happy-go-lucky, yet very mature!!
Also, Ladies Code being the 5272829th group to use tha filming locationg, yet making it work so well
Usui Love
I came here for Blackpink rosé and i am happy now
Rosa Palma
Ay, deberían tener más reconocimiento!!
If you followed them since the beginning, you will notice some scenes that somehow I think has references on their previous MVs. I think they are trying to give us an impression that they learned to have moved forward without forgetting the past because despite the tragedy that happened, they still had beautiful memories. I salute this three strong ladies who didn't give up and kept on fighting. Our two angels will always be remembered and will always stay in my heart. I will forever be a Lavely.
Almost busted out crying when they were in the cinema watching the “Wonderful” MV😭
I really hope they win at least once with this comeback, they, above all, really deserve their first win!
Revsone Eve
Reveluvs & Sones here to support em.. they deserved more ❤
• Yang Rosie •
Estoy tan feliz de que estas reinas volvieran💕👏 nunca me decepcionan💖😭
Ladies code is so amazing🤩🤩 I miss eunb and riSe :(

Btw around 1:27 where all the girls are in the stairs you can see they al have 2 flowers 💕
I'm going to cry of bittersweet happiness, they included Rise and EunB at 2:49 "always thinking of you"
Kpopper Yes or yes?
400 mil! Congratulations Ladies Code and Lavely’s!
I need sleep
I just listened to them because Big Matthew had posted a story about them. But damn, I feel bad I never knew them before. They are so cool and their songs aren't much westernised ❤
Angélica Garcia
Wtf is wrong with the views🤦🏻‍♀️
I've been here since Bad Girl, and I will stay forever <3
Marck 48
They are armazing i just cannot comprend how this song is underrated
Nako Rose
I missed you girls so much, this is amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻
urboi leci
theyre coming back soon!!
ashley has new blue hair, sojung isnt hiding her
and on a vlive before ashley was a guest MC for after school club, heejun talked about ladies code having a comeback
there was a ig post about a food truck for mv filming and it was deleted
Green Gapples
They deserve all the love and support. They are so underrated. People can't see talent.
Akemi Matara
ORBITS, Lets support LOONA's sister group, Ladies Code and str3am for FEEDBACK
Too Savage
So I searched the meaning of underrated and it says Ladies Code😟
i really appreciate the vocal effort from zuny and also i am crushing pretty hard on ashley in that black and white outfit and those workout clothes. that body!😍
Logan Malte
Wow, honestly wow, I don't know what to say, these girls are queens, how can they continue to smile, to accept all the tons of tears they left. That's incredible, they are the strongest K-pop group I've never seen. They deserve it, all what they suffers, they must smile, good job girls, they really need more, all the love of us. They will revive, they are wonderful, really...🌹❤️
Rose' sends her love. Blink here for Ladies Code and Lavelys.
Music 808
Thank you for coming back! Most beautiful group inside and out!
hi everyone, ladies' code is coming back soon so if you haven't already, start saving up votes! when the mv comes out (there's no confirmed date yet), please share as much as possible! i really want this to be their most successful comeback yet
Something something
they're just so talented
i can not understand how they don't have recognition
they deserve so much more
Juan Antonio HM
Give them a comeback when there's barely competition and ask fans to vote hard for The Show, I'm sure they can get a win there if the promotion is good and the song impactful!! :D
For new fans:

0:11 - Ashley: lead vocalist, main dancer and leader of the group
0:14 - Zuny: main rapper, vocalist, visual and maknae
0:21 - Sojung: main vocalist
Claire B
Wow, "always thinking of you"

They're watching 'so wonderful'
Each of them are holding two flowers with various colors for the two members that passed..
J Sánchez
let's not give up, keep going.
Orange Haru
Pensar que deberían estar a la misma altura de Black pink o Bts o hasta más altas que ellos.. Su talento y voces son incomparables 🧡 con esto aprendemos que los likes y seguidores no definen la calidad del grupo o el artista
The fact they showed them watching a clip of 'So Wonderful' and smiling to them, followed by the lyrics 'Always thinking about you' seriously broke me in a million pieces from the inside. I don't think I've cried like this in a long time. Seriously, is...very touching, I can't get over it.
i just cannot comprehend HOW in the world are they so underrated, they're literally perfect
*Wow Rosé knows what's up*
*This group is fire!!! 😖💜💜🔥🔥🔥*
urboi leci
i think from experience seeing which kpop groups hit it big with popularity, depends on which company their from, hit songs, and appeal to an audience. it doesn't always work to have talent and amazing music to be able to become big in kpop. not saying popular groups like twice for say have bad music or are untalented (i love twice), but it isn't the only part in what makes groups like them popular. they came from a big company, had a competition show where fans could vote for the members they wanted in the group, and their songs do well with the korean audience. they had a giant appeal to draw in a ton of fans. i think what happens to groups like ladies code where they are overflowing with talent and great songs, but dont have a large fanbase or popularity is because they don't have anything that 'appeals' to their audience. because let's face it, most of the time only trained professionals really enjoy quality voices or really well done music. the general public that doesn''t have much knowledge in music is going to enjoy something different, which makes the groups with the most appeal win out over say 'more talented' groups, again not calling popular groups untalented but their talent isn't the main part of why they're so big. sorry i'm repeating myself T_T. what i'm trying to say is that polaris needs to promote and advertise ladies code in a way that is intentionally meant to draw in more fans. giving ladies code a song and limited promotion isn't enough. they need to get their faces and music in more places in a way that will interest people. i think that's what ladies code is missing, an appeal and interest to their audience. i can't really blame it on the company for korea having a sad connotation with ladies code :( but getting ladies code attention for the current group they are now, not what they were in the past, would help change how korean and international people see them. instead of pity they would appreciate their music, become fans of it. sadly sojung has already tried to tell people this on masked singer, but they're going to need a lot more to 'rebrand' themselves. i think what we could do as fans is spread ladies code in a positive, inviting way a lot more and kindly (its frustrating but being mean will drive away potential fans, since new fans will probably hear about the accident first and then discover their music + talent) tell people not to bring up the members who passed away on videos or articles that don't involve them. i know ladies code is on their 6th year as a group, and people aren't always aware of 2nd gen kpop or older groups in general, and some might see feedback as 'one last comeback' but the group put out a funky, upbeat, and amazing song, and they all care about music and their position as idols, so we should treat them as an active group, not one on their way out. (news of an album has been said by the group as well) i recommend trying to inform loona stans, any group lc is friends with (like clc, chungha, nc.a, rothy) and 2nd gen kpop ggroups stans since they are most likely to enjoy ladies code's music. but i still expect more from polaris, they need to put in more work in promoting ladies code. please.
Ashley K
Omg people need to stop sleeping on Ladies Code 😭
Lesleigh Aranjuez
i came forrrr the short haired girl swear she looks like RV Seulgi. Btw im a reveluv, orbit and nctzen here to support them. Its also a nice song❤
Lalisa M
Blink here to support rosé's bestfriend ashley. It is my first time listening to their songs and I must say that their vocals are really great!!!!! Hwaiting
urboi leci
doesnt matter how long it is after this song dropped, we’ll get this mv to 1 million. lavelys small but strong
Bryan L
I can't get over how much I love this song. FEEDBACK FEEDBACK FEEDBACK 줘요!
Kaleido Star
300k 👏
Vote for them on Idol Champ and Starpass
urboi leci
i wish for ladies code to get the recognition they deserve so badly, but I feel like its never going to happen. they could put out one good song after another from galaxy to rain to feedback and their number of fans never reaches what it should be, they actually decrease. I mad that sojung had two osts recently and zuny has a small role in a drama and this all could’ve given them attention if they were a bigger group but since they aren’t there’s no coverage on it. idk I’m just mad asf
Came here becuase
Rosé from BLACKPINK asked to show these ladies some love but ended up actually falling in love with them.
Yup, that is how simple my life is. 😂😂
They are back and better than ever!
It's been about 3-4 years and I still miss
Rise(Risae) and EunB~ It was such a tragic accident and I'm so proud! They where able to bounce back from all that they went through! Love my girls, Fighting!!
Lakin Martis
Im so happy you girls returned! This comeback is amazing. You all deserve the at most support and im sure this comeback will be a success!
Madalena Rebelo
ladies code as such an underrated group deserves much more than this.
I'm loving their outfits from around min 3:00 but....

SoJung's outfit is the best fashion I've seen and we're not arguing about that!!!

Raise their wardrobe manager's salary!!
Star SpookyBooky
I instantly bursted into tears during the cinema scene.
I love the commemorations they do for EunB and Rise
I really want to support ladies' code! they're amazing! this song is amazing and deserves more love !!

ps: I hope we get that purple lighstick someday
Marck 48
Why this group is just underrated!!Girls,don't matter for the views the Lavelys love all of u keep making great songs I love you,and 3 in our eyes but 5 in our hearts 4ever a lavely
Anni Ya
This is so good, I’m glad to see them back
The fact that they stayed with their genre deserve so much respect.
One and Lovely
2:27 I LOVE HOW THE SUBTITLES SAYS ''piano queen''
Brian Bryan
Remember guys no matter how much of a hurry you are especially in bad weather please don't speed and drive mindfullyl of the people with you and others on the road. 🙏🙏🙏
Their voices are so uniquee it's impossible to not know who's singing, I love them
You might disagree with me here but I really really love this group and I really think the company did a shitty job here. The company didnt put very much effort into this comeback after them being gone for 3 years. I really hope for the best for this group in the future ❤️
Sami Arunsri
They still have the distinct sound no matter how many years has gone pass
urboi leci
ashley recently said on a radio show that an album will be released before this year ends, preferable when its hot (weather)
Kpop Tea
Rafael Jubelini
I´m from Brazil and love Sojung... That is what I call an platonic love...
Jenny Z
ladies code is such a good group, they deserve so much more :( stop sleeping on them..
Anji Barrett-Chalk
I genuinely can't believe the lack of views
They deserve nothing but love and popularity ❤
sm g
recently found out about these queens. they're super underrated, like, honestly. how can people sleep on these queens?? let's go ladies’ code! 💞
Mitesh Makwana
This is the first song i ever from from 'Ladies Code' and was blown away! Honestly, this track really makes my day!
vote for LC on The Show by downloading "Starpass" and help them be at least nominated for an award
Jennifer Wannabe
I was so SURPRISED when the scenes of 'So Wonderful' appeared on the screen 💘💕💖
Kimmi Lee
I am keeping streaming this because I want to