Team Talk Feedback - Learn your players! | Football Manager 2017

Welcome back guys! Today we have a video regarding an area on FM I believe is very underused, but certainly can help you learn your players, and better your team talks!

Remember these type of videos are all my own opinions, some people will differ or find success in different ways.

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Team Talk Feedback | Football Manager 2017
Team Talk Feedback | Football Manager 2017
Team Talk Feedback | Football Manager 2017
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Chris Wood
I really enjoy these tips/tricks video, very useful for learning and improving on my own playthroughs
Master Yoda
Is it safe then to not indulge in team-talk at all?
Or maybe ask a backroom staff with high man-management attr to do the team talk?
I usually tell a player to 1.calm down when they commit foul, 2.a player to concentrate when body language is complacent/uninterested and 3.the whole team to tighten up when we are leading by only a goal and it's 80th min 4.push forward/motivate when we are losing
Crankiest FoZzY TM
love it,

my plan based on this are as follows, create a spreadsheet with listings of each player with another list of each tone and each statement mark red, grey or green.


thanks Lee
I like these types of videos as I'm a player who doesn't just click and play.. My only question is how you can stop it saying repetitive because surely if you win and win highly, if you press congrats, good win or something like that.. There isn't much more you can say :?
You are very right in the point about not obsessing over getting green reactions. In my experience, I've had plenty of players who were happy with my team talk (or with what I said in press conference) have a crappy game, and the player who got a red reaction or angry at what I said in press conference making the match of their lives.